Friday, August 20, 2010

I believe my LORD knows best. Even if I'm not perfect and my family is not perfect, he has a very special plan for us. As he perfects us, he also purifies us and readies us for the good works he has prepared in advance for us to complete. This morning I received some good old fashioned encouragement from Haggai. Basically, "Get busy with My agenda instead of working and working on your skewed priority've been there, done that and it has yielded little. Are you ready to get down to business and get some serious work done? Work that will glorify Me? And my relieved answer is "YES!" I've been seriously struggling with a myriad of distractions, I have been there and done that and I'm so grateful that He's been watching and is ready to pull me out of me self dug pit and put me back on the road to doing what He has for me to do.

That said, I would like to formally announce....Gary and I believe that we are called to adopt a down's syndrome child. Please pray for us as we are growing in faith and trying raise the money that the adoption requires. Our first step is to finish the upstairs so we can complete a home study. Gary estimates the upstairs project to take $10,000. We have been buying things for that project as God provides the deals and the money. Recently, Gary was blessed to find a double sink counter top for $35 along the highway. It's beautiful and just what we were looking for!
I will be installing a funds thermometer on our family blog so that we can track the progress being made. We are at the end of the heirloom tomato season and getting set to replant the greenhouse with winter crops. We will be offering gourmet lettuces, radishes, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, as well as some other little known winter eats....YUM! :) :)

We are also in the midst of compiling a book of recipes. We are asking for recipes from all friends and family...we would LOVE to have your favorites!!! Please include a small blurb explaining where you acquired the recipe and why you like it or describe the finished food. (think Taste of Home) It makes everything much more interesting. :) We are very interested in recipes that feature nourishing, old-fashioned goodness instead of processed foods such as Velveeta or canned soups. That is not to say that a recipe that includes some processed foods will not be included...everyone needs a time saver processed food fix every now and again! ;) Of course, all proceeds will be used to further the adoption process.
Thank-you in advance for your prayers...that is our biggest need. Only our precious Father could accomplish all the steps already taken toward this goal He has given. We live to glorify Him by His grace.

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